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Ford Opens Applications For 2017 Ford GT and Configurator

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If owning a new Ford GT was on the list of things to do today, we have good news. The application process to become one of the lucky owners of the favored model is officially open. Reminder: Ford will only create 250 examples of the GT each year of production, bringing the grand total to 500 ultra-rare examples. In order to ensure the Ford GT goes to true Ford aficionados, Ford is taking applications rather than promising each of the 500 examples on a first-come-first-serve basis.


In using this approach, Ford seeks to guarantee that the new GTs will be driven and seen, rather than holed up in a vault. Ford’s move, as reported previously, ensures the Ford GT is owned by long-standing Ford customers– brand ambassadors, in essence.


Prospective buyers have from now until May 12 to complete their application. We checked out the application process, and it’s pretty extensive. The first step is ensuring the prospective buyer has the ability to take delivery of the vehicle in one of 19 countries. Then, Ford asks a series of questions about your car buying history. Preferential treatment will be given to already established GT owners and those who have exhibited a long-standing relationship with the company.


The GT will sell for in and around the $450,000 mark and will be completely customizable. There’s even an online configurator available so potential GT owners can see what their customization options are.

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