Noble Speedster 600 Prototype Heads to Production

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Noble Automotive, a small but powerful manufacturer based in the United Kingdom, has been teasing the drophead version of the M600 for months.

Unveiled Jan. 8 at the Autosport International Show in Birmingham, UK, the prototype of the Noble Speedster 600 is even more impressive than the concept renderings. And now, according to, the prototype is set to enter production by the end of this summer.

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Mechanically, the Speedster 600 will possess all of the same systems found in the M600, including the Yamaha V8 twin turbo under the hood. A total of 659 hp and 604 lb-ft hurtles this powerhouse to 120 mph in a stunningly fast 8.9 seconds, as the Noble website tells us. The primary difference is that it comes with a removable and stowable targa type top.

“Noble showcased the Speedster 600 at the Autosport International show a couple of weeks ago in Birmingham, UK – but has just now gotten the car into the studio to showcase its lines, and was kind enough to confirm its production prospects in the process,” says Autoblog writer Noah Joseph, going on later to explain that they aim to begin production by the end of this summer, although there’s always the chance that, as a small manufacturer, the timeline could be bumped back.

Be sure to stay with us for more updates as the Speedster 600 moves closer to production, and check out the pictures below to get a good glimpse of this prototype.


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