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Nissan Unveils Official Restoration Parts For Skyline R32

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Candy and flavored popcorn only go so far. We know what you really want for Christmas, and so does Nissan. That’s why their NISMO performance division has launched a new run of restoration parts for the R32 Skyline. Originally built from 1989 to 1995, the R32 was burned into our memories by video games and several famous movies. In a recent press release, we’ve learned the details of a plan to revitalize these classics.

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They were never legally imported to the US thanks to our inept highway safety laws. In fact, our tax dollars are spent by the Department of Homeland Security, who like to confiscate and destroy these rare cars. At time of press, the only way we can enjoy a vintage Skyline is once it reaches 25 years old. But any car that old is bound to need a few touch-ups, so NISMO took a poll of the most-needed parts. Starting on December 1st, Japanese dealers will be able to order 80 parts, including new AC lines, wiring harnesses, body parts, and badges. Of course, these will sell like hotcakes on the world stage, so stay with us for complete coverage of this program. Click the link below to find your next Nissan!

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