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New Pirelli Tires For Classic Porsches

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Call your local tire store and ask for a high-performance 15-inch tire and they will probably make several jokes at your expense. For owners of classic sports cars, it is nothing short of infuriating. Since 70% of all 911 models are still on the road, engineers in Stuttgart are working with Pirelli to offer the latest in tire technology in classic sizes.

If you think this is just a marketing campaign, you’re mistaken. To ensure the new rubber is up to the punishing demands of enthusiasts, Walter Röhrl has the final say on the new designs. It will be amazing to see a classic 964 with original Fuchs wheels riding on new P Zero Trofeo R tires.

No less than 33 individual criteria were used to validate the new designs. And to separate them from other rubber they will feature a prominent “N” on the sidewall. Porsche spent a significant amount of time and money on development and testing, and the results have been compiled into a list of factory recommended summer tires. These new tires can be ordered from your local Porsche dealer, so stay tuned to Autofluence to keep your classic 911 up to date.

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