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New McLaren P1 is Purely Electric…With a Catch

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I always enjoy a humorous press release and McLaren has just outdone themselves. Announced just today was a brand-new, all-electric McLaren P1, but the car is only being released for a very select group of customers. You see, the new McLaren P1TM is designed for those aged six and under due to the fact that this P1 is actually a pint-sized supercar for young drivers to ride on.

What’s great is that the P1TM has a few unique features that drivers of the real P1 won’t experience. For starts, it as a centrally-mounted steering wheel, just like the McLaren F1. It also has an open-top, something that the P1 does not have. And, like it’s big brother, the P1TM featured McLaren’s signature dihedral doors.


For creature comforts, the P1TM has an MP3 player and audio system as standard equipment, which comes pre-programmed with “every popular nursery rhyme,” according to the revealing press release. But, the best feature has to be the three-speed transmission in case the child has “arrived at the wrong playground.”

If you’re interested in picking one of these up for your toddler, it will be available towards the end of October and sells at selected McLaren Automotive retailers for £375.00 (approx. $485 USD at today’s exchange rate).

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