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New McLaren F1 Successor Planned For 2018 Debut

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When McLaren returned to building street legal cars in 2011, the question on everyone’s mind is how the F1 would be surpassed. Arguably the best car ever built, it was powered by a naturally aspirated V12 and featured a unique three-seat cockpit. In a shocking revelation, Autocar is reporting that some of the best features of the F1 are being brought into the 21st century for a new hyper-GT car. For outright performance, the P1 will remain on top, and this new model will emphasize comfort and heritage.

Yes, that’s right, the McLaren F1 may be coming back to life.

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It will be styled to showcase the abilities of McLaren Special Operations, with the aim of being the perfect GT car for long distance trips. Extensive changes to their carbon fiber mono cell are being made to accommodate the three seat layout, and engineers have been asked to “shrink wrap” the composite body over the chassis. Not only will this provide more interior room than their previous builds, it will clearly show how much time was spent in development. Power is speculated to be north of 700 hp, probably from their twin turbo 3.8L V8. The complex hybrid drive of the P1 will not be used, as it’s probably being refined for their next hypercar.

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Again this information is from an Autocar source and is not official. Since this car is still on the drawing board stay with us for updates on the world’s fastest 3-seater.

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