New Lightweight V8 Sports Car from Sector111

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The Ariel Atom and BAC Mono have been comfortable in their niche long enough, now it’s time for another company to add a new lightweight, trackday-ready sportscar into the mix. Sector111 has partnered with Palatoc Motorsport, LLC., to develop a new 1,800 lbs sports car, according to a Dec. 2 press release from Sector111.

This sports car will be powered by a V8 that produces 430 hp and 424 lb-ft of torque. It is compliant with emissions standards in all 50 states and will be a variant of the Palatov D2. Dubbed “Project Dragon,” the new track toy was designed to be a car purist’s dream with impeccable handling and no ABS, traction control or driver’s aids.

While the body of the car is not designed as of yet, Sector1ca11 says the design will be very elemental with much of the mechanics being exposed.

Below are some of the available quick specs of Project Dragon:

Initial Specs:

  • Engine: V8, 430hp & 424lb-ft (GM eRod LS3)
    • 24month/50k mile warranty
    • 50 State emissions compliant
  • Transaxle: 6spd Manual Syncromesh (Porsche 911 Turbo)
  • Wheelbase:102″
  • Length:154″
  • Width: 80″
  • Height:46″
  • Weight: 1800lbs
  • Seats:2
  • Wheels: front17x8, rear18x10.5
  • Tires: 235/40ZR17, 315/30ZR18
  • Windshield/wipers: Optional

Target Prices:

  • Rolling Chassis: $70k
  • Complete Car: $90k