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New BRABUS C63 S Takes the Sedan to the Next Level

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When BRABUS unveils each of their cars, I’m always blown away with their technical accomplishments. Now, they’ve taken worked their genius with the Mercedes-AMG C63 S.

The main draw to this new BRABUS C 63 S is PowerXtra B40S – 650 performance upgrade made to the 4.0-liter V8 engine. BRABUS’ engineers added boost pressure with a set of specially developed turbochargers, complete with a larger compressor unit and new core assembly. All-in-all, an extra 140 hp is added to the car, bringing the power up to 650 horsepower and 604 lb-ft of torque. This amount of power gives the car a 0-62 mph sprint of 3.7 seconds, as well as a limited top speed of 200 mph. Could it go faster? I’d like to think so.

Other features that BRABUS offers for the C63 includes a stainless steel exhaust with butterfly valves, 20-inch wheels, coilover suspension and a slew of aerodynamic components for the exterior (as seen in the pics). And, as always, BRABUS’ upholstery shop can fit the cabin with a variety of materials like Alcantara and leather.

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