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New Aston Martin Pre-Owned Program “Timeless” Announced

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Building the world’s most sought after supercars is no easy task, which is why Aston Martin only builds each model in limited numbers. With attention to detail unmatched in the automotive world, they have announced a new program for pre-owned cars. In collaboration with all 164 dealers, Timeless will define a new level for certified inventory. Each car will receive a one-year comprehensive warranty along with roadside assistance. Technicians will dive into every system to ensure its capabilities, and updating all operating software. A certificate of provenance will be included along with complete service history for the prospective buyer. These will be included in a VIP handover pack at the time of purchase.

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To keep the aftermarket at bay, buyers will also receive discounts on factory accessories for three months. Vice President and Chief of Sales Christian Marti said: “I am very happy to see the launch of this new and improved pre-owned service. Additions such as the new inspection regime – which for the first time includes a comprehensive assessment and review of our cars’ software, as well as their technical condition – can only add confidence for our buyers. Aston Martin rightly prides itself on its personal customer service, attention to detail and luxury, and with the debut of the Timeless pre-owned program around the world, I know we are better placed than ever to continue to improve these elements of our business.” Expect to see more information from your local Aston Martin dealer in the coming weeks. If you have considered a new or pre-owned Aston Martin please consider the listings from our dealers and stay with us for all your Aston Martin news.

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