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Morgan to Unveil the New Aero GT

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With everyone preparing for the 2018 racing season, Morgan has announced the arrival of their Aero GT. Their Aero 8 was a winner of several GTE series races, and the new Aero GT was developed alongside the potent 2015 Aero 8. Each car is built by hand, which is uncommon in an age of robots and laser welding. One might think a handbuilt car would not have the quality control of the big manufacturers, but the skilled coachbuilders deliver fit & finish of a bygone era.

The Aero GT will serve as the end of the series. BMW has supplied their naturally aspirated 4.8 liter V8 for years, but it is being discontinued in favor of smaller turbo engines. The classic V8 & six-speed manual combination will ride into the sunset with more downforce and less drag than any Morgan has ever offered. A teaser reel was uploaded to YouTube earlier this morning, and it coincides with a press release outlining the features of the car. The formal launch will be at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, so stay with us for coverage of the event.

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