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Modified McLaren vs Bugatti Veyron and Others In Drag Races

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Custom exhaust is among one of the easiest ways to increase your car’s power. For turbocharged cars, any exhaust component after the turbo only restricts how quickly they spool. This is why Akrapovic unleashed their titanium talents upon McLaren’s MP4-12C, taking its sound from restrained British civility into something like a vintage F1 car. One owner of this new kit was emboldened by his purchase and chose to pit his car against multiple contenders at a recent track day.

CarSpotterQVS was on hand to film several supercars having fun over the weekend. We don’t get to see a Bugatti Veyron launching too often, so turn up the volume watch several thousand dollars of the world’s most valuable rubber being pushed to the limit. Other contenders include a Ferrari FF and Mercedes-McLaren SLR, which are rare to see in such friendly competition. If you had a supercar would you modify it, or leave it stock? Tell us in the comments below.

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