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Mini Cars Inc. Offers Fun For All Ages

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Presented by Mini Cars Incorporated

Being an adult comes with responsibilities, stress, and obligations. What if you could drive something that would make life simple again? Mini Cars Incorporated offers fun for all ages with their 2/3rd-scale classics.

Don’t call it a toy, these handcrafted roadsters can easily handle adults up to 6’1″ and 225 lbs. Powered by a 107cc four-stroke, they offer almost 8 horsepower at 7,500 rpm. The transmission is a 3-speed sequential with neutral and reverse.

1956 American Classic Roadster

One gallon of regular unleaded will last for hours, and all models have 12v lighting, turn signals, horn & electric starter. Each body is assembled by hand in Brazil, with no details overlooked. If the real car has it, so does the Mini Cars Inc. version.

1956 American Racer

Adjustable pedals will allow you to cruise with passengers of all sizes, and several layers of clear coat will last for years. Working turn signals and a horn make it the perfect car to learn on.

The suspension is also formed by hand and it features adjustable coil springs at all corners, so transform it into a lowrider for a fun night out!

1942 Willys Jeep

You will be hard-pressed to tell it apart from the real thing at only a few feet away, and the frame is powder-coated for years of enjoyment. Stuck behind a slow golf cart? Kick it down a gear and leave them in the dust.

1954 British Classic

Final assembly and inventory are handled by a dedicated team in Florida, and we can ship internationally without any issues. Each car is backed by a 10-year warranty, so click the button above to learn more about Mini Cars Incorporated.

Mini Cars Incorporated

These handcrafted automobiles have been sold around the world to those who seek out the most unique and exclusive products with the best quality. We stand behind all of our materials and workmanship with an unheard of 10 years parts warranty. We want our customers to worry about nothing but the enjoyment of our automobiles.

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