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Mercedes G500 4×4² By Mansory

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With an exterior design that has not changed much since 1979, the G-Class Mercedes has received a21st-century drivetrain in the new G550 4×4². The superscript signifies everything being raised to the second power, which starts with the 4.0L twin turbo V8 from the AMG GT S. New portal axles offer more width and ground clearance; along with a mechanical advantage for crawling over broken terrain. To offset the added weight, Mansory has arrived with a host of upgrades for the new model.

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To showcase their prowess in the art of carbon fiber, the fender flares, hood, grille, and most other trim pieces are made of the light composite. Under the fancy hood, custom tuning by Mansory has unlocked an additional 63 hp with help of an angry exhaust system. A few acres of hand stitched leather cover the interior, with billet aluminum and carbon accents. It may seem like overkill for such a limited production model, but Mansory has a history of enhancing the rarest cars on earth.

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