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Mercedes-AMG Teases AMG GT Sedan With Test Photos

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AMG was started by Mr. A and Mr. G. They are Mercedes-Benz engineers who were bored with what they were building. From their small garage, they began to stuff the biggest Benz engines into every model. Customers would receive ported heads, big cams, and exhaust they would fit a locomotive. The result was AMG becoming a powerhouse in the German aftermarket.

Of course, they became so popular that Mercedes-Benz bought them so that their expertise could be utilized on the assembly line. The first car designed and built by AMG only was the SLS AMG. It proved to be such a potent machine that our publisher bought the first roadster when it arrived in the US.

The cockpit was so far behind the nose that I felt it was prone to understeer, but it was a stunning machine finished in “Alubeam Silver”. It was such a hit that they followed up with the AMG GT that includes a GT S roadster and the mean GT R. We never guessed they would have a sedan in the works, but the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-doors looks to be a CLS that is training for MMA. In a teaser press release earlier this morning, we’ve learned that the production car will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. A camouflaged prototype can be seen strapped to a dyno wind tunnel. Downforce is a major player in the market for luxury performance sedans, so take at these photos:

It looks like a production version of the hybrid AMG concept they uploaded to YouTube last year. Rumors abound that it will be aimed at the Panamera Turbo S E Hybrid, so as soon as we have the specs you will see them here first. Tell us what you think will be under the hood and stay with us for all your Mercedes-AMG updates.

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