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Mercedes AMG GT-R Sets New Record at the Ring

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Records are meant to be broken, and the team from Mercedes-AMG has raised the bar for every other Rear Wheel Drive car. Nürburgring has become a matter of bragging rights, as most major manufacturers are locked into a war for fractions of a second. Modern tests are made after a warm-up lap, with the car crossing the timing loop at full speed. In the old days. the records were based on a standing start, in which the clock was started before the driver jumped in. Only the fastest cars in the world are capable of breaking into the 6-minute range on street tires. Last month we were shocked by the 2017 Camaro ZL1 which made a lap in only 7:29, a whopping 11 seconds faster than its predecessor. Two-wheeled record laps are also impressive, even if only for entertainment.

With an undeniable home field advantage, Mercedes-AMG spent countless hours developing the AMG GT series at the historic track. If you don’t have the benefits of all-wheel drive, down force is your primary focus. Engineers learned this the hard way at LeMans in 1999 when the CLR proved to be a better aircraft than race car. For the GT R they pulled out every trick in the book for the ultimate lap time. In a YouTube video uploaded yesterday by

In a YouTube video uploaded yesterday by Sport Auto, we’re taken on a blistering lap in what looks to be the same car we first saw at Mercedes-Benz of Tampa earlier this year. Under the hood is a 577 hp V8 that measures in at only 4.0-liters, but nestled between the reverse flow heads are the latest in turbo technology. Sending 516 lb-ft of torque to only the rear wheels seems like a recipe for destruction, but weight reduction and four-wheel steering will make your mouth water. Full-scale production will begin later this year and the GT R will arrive as a 2018 model. If you can’t wait a few months, check out the great deals on the GT S from our dealers.

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