McLaren Unveils New 570S Spider
570S McLaren News

McLaren Unveils New 570S Spider

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In the old days, coupes and convertibles versions of the same car were alike only in name. But now that McLaren have perfected the carbon fiber “monocell” chassis it is possible to lose the roof without compromise. The master plan is known as Track 22, in which they aim to release a slew of new models by 2022. Convertibles are not new to the brand, and we’ve ample seat time in the 12C Spider and the 650 Spider. Both of those are part of the upper echelon Super Series which is aimed at all-out performance. For those who want a more conventional conveyance, the Sports Series is a more conventional daily driver.

In a press release early this morning, the first convertible in the Sports Seres was revealed. The new 570S Spider trades in the hard top for a two-piece composite roof. Stowing neatly away, the convertible mechanism operates in 15 seconds at speeds up to 25 mph. McLaren CEO Mike Flewett said “The McLaren 570S Spider is the most attainable McLaren Spider to date and adds yet another dimension to the McLaren Sports Series family.  This is a convertible without compromise; its mid-engined layout and carbon fibre MonoCell II chassis guarantee the same thrilling dynamic performance and exceptional driver involvement enjoyed in a 570S Coupé, but with the added attraction of a retractable hard-top that delivers the extra exhilaration of roof-down motoring.”

Ahead of the deck lid, a glazed wind deflector can be raised to keep your hairstyle intact. The powertrain was untouched, because 570 metric horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque are plenty for this lightweight. In order to stay on the slim side, the convertible mechanism only adds 101 lbs to the car for a dry weight of 2,895 lbs. The first 400 examples will be launch edition models, and you will see them here as soon as they cross the pond. Stay with us for all your McLaren updates.

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