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McLaren Introduces “Albert”, the 1st Speedtail Prototype

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Before any new McLaren reaches the dealer, it is perfected by rigorous testing around the world. American prototypes usually have silly names, but McLaren took a page from the history books. The first test mules for the F1 were named Edward and Albert, names associated with Victorian nobility. 

We’ve now learned that testing for the new McLaren Speedtail on closed courses is already underway thanks to the prototype named “Albert.” Albert faces a year of sustained top speed runs, scorching desert and freezing cold. The world’s first flexible carbon ailerons will be cycled until failure, no matter how long it takes. A few early prototypes were disguised as 720S to fool the public, and they have probably met a tragic ending. 

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Much of the car has been proven in lengthy simulations. This ensures that Chief Test Driver Kenny Bräck will be able to make the most of  1,035 horsepower. Ben Gulliver is Head of Vehicle Development, and he said:  “The start of real-world testing represents a major step in the development of the McLaren Speedtail. As the first fully representative prototype, ‘Albert’ will build on the invaluable work still being put in by earlier development cars, allowing us to sign-off vehicle attributes including chassis dynamics; brake performance; damper tuning; tires; NVH and aspects of ergonomics and comfort. With a huge amount achieved already, the McLaren Speedtail is well on the way to fulfilling its destiny as the greatest McLaren road car ever.”

Pricing is listed at £1.75 million, or$ 2.28 Million USD. Only 106 cars will be produced with deliveries aimed at early 2020. Of course every example has been allotted to its prospective owner, but they are probably going to be the most anticipated car in years. Stay with us for all your McLaren Speedtail updates.