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McLaren Not Planning on an SUV Model

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After it was reported that Ferrari is currently planning on creating an SUV model of their own, and after Lamborghini launched their own Urus Super SUV, it’s being reported that McLaren Automotive will not be riding the SUV wave.

According to Top Gear, who spoke with Dan Parry-Williams, McLaren’s chief designer, the English automaker has no plans of an SUV. “I’m not the first person to point out an SUV is neither particularly sporty or utilitarian,” Parry-Williams told Top Gear. In McLaren’s Track22, a plan for the company’s future up until 2022, there is the inclusion of 12 new models with no SUV included.

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However, after 2022 it’s all up in the air for McLaren. Could we see an SUV out of Woking? It’s doubtful, as the company really doesn’t seem to have any interest in the matter. But if the Ferrari and Lamborghini SUVs see tremendous success, it may pull them towards a new direction. It looks like it will just have to be a waiting game until then.

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