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McLaren Envisions A Hybrid Future

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It’s only taken a few years for McLaren to transition from one production model into a brand capable of taking on the world. Many have been wondering what’s on their immediate horizon, and it looks like electricity. Taking the energy saving aspects of the P1 and applying them across more of the lineup, they foresee a majority of hybrid powertrains by 2022. In an interview with Automotive News Europe, CEO Mike Flewitt said the plan is to pump one billion Pounds into R&D to keep them at the top of automotive innovation.

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Given the current exchange ratio, that is not a small sum of money. Flewitt says that these are simply profits to be reinvested in the business. Another goal is to sell 5,000 cars annually, which will be easy if they are plug-in hybrids. Newer models will still have make use of carbon fiber and feature a rear engine layout, but some will have a more conventional aluminum chassis. This will allow McLaren to compete against hybrids and electric cars directly. We’re sure that Porsche and Ferrari haven’t forgot about their recent hybrid successes, but neither have mentioned the next application of the technology. McLaren have stepped up to push the automotive industry into a greener future, and you will see it here on Autofluence.

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