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Help McLaren Build a Full-Size 720S Supercar Out of LEGOs

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One of the first thing you want to do when sitting down in a McLaren 720S supercar is to step on the pedal. But…what if that pedal is made of LEGOs? It’s like a nightmare…

At Goodwood this year, McLaren will be unveiling a 1:1 full-size LEGO replica of their new 720S model. This replica took a lot of preparation to get ready. McLaren Automotive worked with Speed Champions LEGO team to put together the instructions for the brick replica.

The process to initially build the replica took over 2,000 hours and a team of six. When completed, the 720S replica used over 267,300 LEGO bricks and weighed 3,200 lbs. For comparison’s sake, the real 720S takes 12 working days to complete and weighs 2,828 lbs.

McLaren does note that the LEGO 720S will arrive at Goodwood with a twist: it won’t be complete. Instead of delivering a completed model, McLaren is having visitors build the replica piece by piece.