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McLaren Announces Inaugural Ice Driving Experience

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In a press release over the weekend, the hottest news in cold weather driving has the industry in an uproar. Many other manufacturers offer similar programs for their supercars, but most of them only showcase their all-wheel drive models. McLaren’s current lineup consists of rear engined, twin turbo, rear wheel drive cars which are a handful in snowy conditions.

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Last week at the Orange County Auto Show I had an opportunity to drive a new 675 LT Spider and it was obvious that several computers were hard at work keeping the 666 horsepower from overpowering the rear tires in the corners. Needless to say, it will be a handful on sub-zero precipitation.

McLaren P13 CET
McLaren P13 CET

Pure McLaren is the brand’s events division, and they are heading to Ivalo in northern Finland January 15th to Feb 3rd. It will be an exciting way to experience their Sports Series with instruction from the world’s best drivers. Partnering with local Laplanders at Luxury Action, guests will have ample opportunities for entertainment. A Husky safari and snow machine racing will be offered to guests who are afraid of the potent 570S. Pricing starts at £12,500 per person, or $15,234 USD at time of press. It will be the start of McLaren’s annual cold weather gatherings, so stay with us for complete coverage of the event.

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