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McLaren 720S Will Debut at Geneva

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To say that McLaren has perfected the internal combustion engine would be an understatement. Every recent model has been powered by a version of their 3.8-liter V8 with twin turbochargers. In terms of displacement, bigger is always better, so something new is in the works for the Geneva Auto Show. An all new 4.0-liter successor in Project P14 will be formally released as the McLaren 720S, according to AutoGespot. Spy shots and speculation have sent enthusiasts into a frenzy at the notion of more power, and AutoGespot notes that it will have 720 hp.

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As the flagship of the Super Series, it will arrive with several innovations for track and street. In full race configuration, the dash will lower for an unobstructed view of the pavement, according to the article. A true successor to the F1 is also in the works, and it will probably use a version of this new engine as its basis. You might be wondering how much more power can be added by an increase of 0.2 liters, but forced induction will make exponentially more boost from the increased exhaust flow. A series of private events aimed at courting potential owners is in the works, but get ready to wait. The rumor is that the initial build run has already been spoken for, so as soon as our dealers get their allotment, you will see them here on Autofluence.

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