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McLaren 650S Predecessor Teased in New Photo

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The McLaren 650S is on its way out thanks to a new model that will be taking its place. While facts and specs regarding the car have been lean, McLaren has just released a teaser photo of the rear of the car, along with some details.

Aside from the photo, McLaren notes that the new model will be revealed on March 7th at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show (Happy Birthday to me!). They also tout the fact that this new car will be twice as aerodynamically efficient as the current 650S model.

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“The second-generation McLaren Super Series will be as aerodynamically impressive as it is visually beautiful,” commented Mark Vinnels, Executive Director of Product Development at McLaren Automotive, in the press release. “A range of advanced aerodynamic technologies contributes to maximum generated downforce over 50% greater than that of the McLaren 650S and ensures truly outstanding levels of grip and stability. We have also markedly improved cooling efficiency, with a 15% gain overall and a particular focus on airflow to the engine’s high temperature radiators through a unique new design of dihedral door.”

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