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Mansory Builds 1 of 1 Mercedes-AMG GT S

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No build is too intimidating for the masters at Mansory, because they have made a name for themselves by improving on perfection. The Mercedes-AMG GT S is a potent machine, but one discerning enthusiast needed more. Turning his vision into reality, their creation is a bespoke GT S that can not be recreated.

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Everyone knows Mansory for exaggerating and accentuating factory designs, but the owner asked for more. From turbos to tailpipes, the exhaust system is all new and unrestricted. Intake and tuning upgrades push horsepower to 720, and the top speed is now 205 mph. To provide stability at those speeds, more traction was required. Front tires are 9.5″ and rears are 10.5 on 21″ forged wheels. New fenders and quarter panels were handcrafted to flare the body around the rubber. Out back is a rear spoiler that would scare any Viper, with the carbon fiber finished in ruby red.

The red theme continues through the interior, with hand-sewn seat covers and trim. We know little about the owner, except that his name is Bandar. We applaud his attention to detail and we hope to see this wild GT S in the future. Stay tuned for more wild Mansory builds!

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