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Man’s Totaled Mazda Miata to be Restored for Free by Good Samaritan

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The Louisiana flooding has been noted as the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy in terms of damage and devastation. Videos have popped up all over the internet, documenting the wreckage, but one video has gone completely viral because of the work of the good Samaritans in it. Viewed over 4,000,000 times, the video shows a couple of men in a boat that work to save a woman and her dog from drowning in her Mazda Miata.

The Miata, of course, is totaled, but Jalopnik recently learned that another good Samaritan, and self-proclaimed Miata fan, will be restoring the car for free. His name is Ethan Castille, and he’s also a Louisiana resident and he’s thankful he’s been largely unaffected by the storms. Restoring the Miata is his way of giving thanks for his good fortune and doing his part to help those who have been affected.

According to Jalopnik, the Miata belonged to a man by the name of Ashton Dronet Jr., and the driver was his ex-girlfriend. Castille reached out to Dronet and offered to fix the vehicle. Dronet, who lost his home as well, is retired and also disabled. He told Castille he didn’t have the necessary funds to pay for a restoration, but Castille insisted on doing it free of charge. And just like that, faith in humanity is restored.

Check out the full video of the rescue below.