Lucra Cars Making New Sports Car

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Lucra Cars is a California-based sports car manufacturer that is more well-known than you might think. Do you recall a little movie that recently came out called Fast & Furious 6? Remember the green roadster with a yellow stripe? That would be the Lucra LC470.

The Lucra LC470 used in Fast & Furious 6
The Lucra LC470 used in Fast & Furious 6

Now, Lucra Cars is planning on releasing another car dubbed the “2.2”. This new sports car has a similar body style to the LC470, but with some updated features and a more modern design. The most striking additions to the 2.2 are the side exhausts and an incredible looking front end. Also, the side mirrors are placed up high, similar to the Strosek Diablo.

I love the style of the Lucra 2.2 and can’t wait to see it in action. Be sure to check back for more information as it’s released.


(Image source: Lucra Cars Facebook)