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Lotus Teases Two New Cars and an SUV

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Known for building small & nimble sports cars, Lotus is on the verge of a major revival. In an interview with England’s CAR magazine, CEO Jean-Marc Gales spilled the beans on exciting new models. First will be two new sports cars, and the duo will be their first new offerings since the launch of the Evora.

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He mentioned the less-expensive model will rely on their existing aluminum chassis because: “It’s still a benchmark for lightweight, crash resistance and longevity”. CAR then alludes to a carbon fiber chassis, not unlike those used by McLaren. Lotus has recently come under the control of Chinese auto giant Geely motors. Among their other brands is Volvo, so these upcoming models might finally move away from the Toyota V6.

Finally, Gales confirmed that a Lotus SUV is in the works. We’re not sure how Colin Chapman would feel about this, so let’s hope it is the lightest & most nimble utility ever built. If you need less weight and more agility in your life, our dealers have smoking Lotus leases for your consideration. Click the link below for more details and stay with us for all your Lotus updates.

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