Lotus Exige Sport Recreates Historic Hillclimb

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One of the best drivers of all time was Jim Clark. He was a master behind the wheel, and amassed dozens of wins for Lotus. Before winning two F1 titles in ’63 and ’65, he attacked the Bo’ness hill in Scotland. Somehow the footage of the even has been lost to time, so a new Lotus Exige Sport for sale was used to recreate the historic Hillclimb.

To make it as authentic as possible, Lotus fitted their latest model with Jim’s license plates and racing number. Commentary by legendary racing reporter Graham Gauld is the perfect soundtrack.

Because every Lotus is built as light as possible, it is easy to carve the perfect line up the mountain. In fact, having too much power will keep you from hugging the corners. That is why driving a Lotus is unlike anything else you will experience. Kudos to Lotus for building such nimble machines. Click the button above to find one near you and stay with us for all your Lotus news.