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Lamborghini Teases New Engine

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Since 1963, the motor company founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini has offered twelve-cylinder engines in almost every configuration. Early models like the 350 GT were a traditional front mounted layout with the engine between the front wheels. The Miura mounted the block east-west just behind the cockpit and the transverse layout kept a majority of weight over the driven wheels. A traditional north-south arrangement on the mid-mounted Countach has been the recipe for success until now, but what do they have in store for us? Occam’s razor does not apply to supercars, so let’s examine a few possibilities. The overseers at VW have a W12 based on the Jetta VR6, and the architecture is also used by Bugatti. As the foundation of the Bentley Bentayga, it uses four rows of three cylinders for a compact yet complicated design.

Considering the need for ever tighter fuel economy standards, could we see a micro-sized V12? Something in the 3.0-liter range would sound amazing and save on fuel. Running a driveshaft to connect the front and rear axles is a waste of cockpit room that could be used for cup holders, so what about a V6 at both ends controlled by the same computer? I should have been an engineer. In all honesty, we would like to see a 60* V12 (to preserve 2nd order harmonic balance) with some form of Koenigsegg Freevalve wizardry. Timing chains and tensioners need to join Saturn and Oldsmobile in the history books. Imagine, if you will, an infinite possibility of intake and exhaust valve events, cruising on 4 cylinder efficiency on the highway, and even having two turbos along for the ride. A small bore and long stroke will keep the pistons at TDC longer to promote a clean burn, and also provide stump pulling torque when launch is required. Or they could license the LT4 from GM and add four cylinders. Either way, as soon as we have the details you will see them here first.

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