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Lamborghini Huracan Drawing by Enes Canay for

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The designer behind the body of 2009’s fastest street-legal production car has made a special creation exclusively for the Lamborghini lovers’ forum A thread created today by the administrator and forum-owner “Hurricane” shared the information that Enes Canay, the body stylist behind the 1,120 hp 2009 9ff GT9-R, was creating something unique for them.

“I have exciting news for you today!” describes the first post in the thread from Hurricane. “My friend, artist Enes Canay, creator of the 9ff GT9-R, is creating a Lamborghini Huracan drawing for!”

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The following posts each contained a picture from the creation process of this drawing, beginning with the simple black and white outline before much shading or any color had been added. In the top left portion of the drawing is the logo for


Be sure to look through the images below to get a feel for how a truly talented artist can create a lifelike lime-green Huracan on a piece of paper, and stay with us for more updates from the automotive world.



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