Lamborghini Gallardo Getting Stripped to Become Rally Car

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We’ve seen Lamborghinis by the handful rushing down airstrips, around circuits and even down ski slopes, but have you seen one in a true rally?

BRAKIM Racing is ready to take their Gallardo out for a real race, but before they began the prep process for what they’ve dubbed the Brakimghini, it was in need of one last chance to tear up the dirt in its original form.

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What better way to do that then to set up a circle of GoPro cameras in the grass, one on top, and spin as many donuts as possible in an open field? The result is a video that will get anyone’s adrenaline pumpin, which they uploaded to YouTube Dec. 15. Flames shoot from the exhaust a few times, a couple of GoPros have incredibly close calls with flying debris and enough dirt is kicked up to bury the competition. (eh? eh?)

Be sure to check out the video above, and flip through the gallery below, posted to their Facebook page Dec. 16, to see how the build process is coming along for this new rally racer.


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(Source: YouTube, Facebook)

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