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Lamborghini Centenario Formally Unveiled at Nardo Ring

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Last week we found footage of AutoBild behind the wheel of the Lamborghini Centenario. It was a quick glimpse of the formal unveiling, which saw journalists from around the world converge at Italy’s famed Nardo Ring. Used as a proving ground for many European manufacturers, the facility takes its name from a 7.8-mile circular track which contains a road course and a drag strip. Alongside the Huracan and Aventador SV, the Centenario was filmed in action, with the active rear spoiler working hard under braking.

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With the eyes of the world upon them, Lamborghini engineers were probably nervous about how the new model would perform for the press, and the drivers were probably hesitant to push the incredibly rare car in the manner it was designed for. The exterior has more exposed carbon fiber than any predecessor, and it is symmetrical at every axis. Inside is a sharp departure from previous models, with a 10″ touchscreen offering Apple CarPlay integration. Looking to the future while celebrating Mr. Lamborghini’s 100th birthday was a tall order to fill, so stay with us for updates on this Italian masterpiece.

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