Your Next $1.3 Million Kit Car: Glickenhaus SCG 003

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If you need a race car that can be driven home after winning, James Glickenhaus has your next ride. His quest to build the world’s most capable street legal car began in 2013 and has culminated in the SCG 003. Two versions of the car were originally planned, but Road & Track joined his team at Monticello Motor Club for an update on the project.

Many of us have always wanted to build our own production cars, but our watchful Federal Government makes this almost impossible. Extensive testing at the ‘Ring and on the street have led to three distinct models. In order to avoid crash testing such expensive cars, they will be sold as kit cars in all 50 states. The street version, or Stradale, will be fully DOT compliant with turn signals and ABS. In order to meet emissions laws they chose a 4.4L twin turbo V8 which was already EPA certified. With a target of 800 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque, it will be a very potent street car.


The mid-level offering will dispense with interior pleasantries in exchange for race-ready instrumentation. The SCG 003 CS stands for Competition Stradale  and it features DOT legal tires developed by Dunlop. Suspension and braking have multiple combinations and a new collision avoidance radar will make for safer track days. Both street legal versions will use a 7 speed dual clutch transmission from Cima.


If you only care about lap times, the Competition model hasn’t changed much since last year. Running a Honda derived 3.5L twin turbo V6, it is limited to 545 hp by the Balance of Performance. With a target production of ten cars, the pricing is expected to start around $1.3 million. For that small sum you will have access to an SCG team member who will fly to your shop to assist in final assembly. Hopefully the Stradale will be offered without engine or transmission, because an LS swap along with a manual transmission would make for the ultimate daily driver. If you current track car lacks any street manners stay with us for production updates from Scuderia Glickenhaus.

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