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Karma Unveils the 2020 Revero GT

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Karma Automotive purchased the rights to the Fisker Karma in 2015 and began an audacious project. Their first job was to reverse-engineer the quirks. This prompted a redesign of the high and low voltage systems. The chassis and handling were capable of much more, and now their efforts have paid off. Karma has unveiled the 2020 Revero GT with cleaner lines and more power.

While its predecessor used the Chevy 2.0L turbo found in the Cobalt SS, their new engine is the BMW 1.5L turbo from the i8. Coupled to the latest in battery technology, it offers 80 miles of electric cruising and 360 miles on gas.

We had two early production Fisker Karmas back in 2012, and all they needed was a few finishing touches. Kudos to Karma for the new Revero. Pricing has yet to be announced, so stay with us for all your relevant Revero revelations.


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