Fisker Karma Reborn as the Karma Revero

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If you were wondering where the Fisker Karma went, well it’s now back but is now known as the Karma Revero.

A new YouTube video and website have uncovered the new car, but the exact specifications are still 28 days away from being known. On the website, we do learn that the car retains the solar roof from the Fisker Karma. The two new features that we actually can talk about are the new badge and infotainment center.

For the badge of the car, each one is hand-painted. To me, it’s actually quite a beautiful badge, reminding me of a solar eclipse behind a planet. As for the infotainment center, it’s completely new and redesigned.

These are the two features that the website notices, but there are a few things I have gathered from an image of the new infotainment center. From this infotainment center, the driver can choose different drive modes, like the Sport Drive Mode pictures in the website’s photo. This photo also shows that the engine puts out 90 kW (120 hp) and the battery is good for 89 kW (119 hp), resulting in a total power output of 179 kW (240 hp). These numbers are not confirmed, but they are what is pictured on their website. Another bit of info pulled from the image is that while driving in Sport Driving Mode the powertrain has a fuel efficiency of 54 mpg.

For more information, check back with us in 28 days when the car is unveiled.

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