Jamiroquai Lead Singer Buys Green LaFerrari

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If you think you’ve never heard of the group Jamiroquai, you’re most likely be wrong. Do you recall the movie “Napoleon Dynamite”? Remember the infamous dance scene? The song used in this scene is “Canned Heat” by British funk band Jamiroquai.

Now that you’ve been reminded of who they are, we can now tell you that the lead singer, Jay Kay, has purchased a new LaFerrari, according to an article posted on June 12.

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Instead of ordering the car in the standard black, red or yellow finishes, he opted for Kermit Green, making this one of the most striking LaFerraris yet.

Jay Kay is a known Ferrari collector, and already owns a black Ferrari Enzo, which was the source of inspiration for his band’s song “BlackDevil Car,” and many more. Check out the video below the gallery, which showcases his collection.







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