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Jamie Foxx And His New Vanderhall Venice

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This year is shaping up to be monumental for Vanderhall Motor Works. Their innovative & addictive three-wheelers are unlike anything else on the road. By using a small turbocharged four cylinder, they offer incredible fuel mileage and smiles per gallon.

Actor and Comedian Jamie Foxx is known has a passion for unique cars, so last year he shocked us with a gold-wrapped Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport. If that one didn’t grab your attention, he also purchased the Beast from our friends at Revzani Motors.

The Vanderhall is another great choice because the Venice spools up instantly and it has more grip than most supercars we get to drive. I had a chance to drive one around Anaheim last year, and it is the most fun you can have while offering clean emissions, heated seats, climate control, and a fast-acting stability system.

Vanderhall Motor Works Groundbreaking New Factory

We recently helped them unveil the Edison, which is an all-electric version of the Venice. If you need 200 miles of electric cruising for only $35,000, click on the link below to put your name on the waiting list. Congrats to Mr. Foxx on another fine purchase, and stay with us for all your Vanderhall updates.