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A Jägermeister Racing Reunion

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Jägermeister Racing has a long, exciting history and it’s been a little while since owner and driver, Eckhard Schimpf was reunited with his prized Porsche 911 Carrera RSR. Schimpf took some time to round up all of the vehicles he raced during his time as a driver for Jägermeister Racing– more than 12 in total, according to the Porsche Facebook page.

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His prized 911 Carrera, built in 1974, sports Jägermeister livery and the original number 54. Schimpf entered this particular car into a total of 84 raced and accumulated 39 victories, according to an article about the reunion on Porsche’s website. The 77-year-old driver looks misty-eyed, as though a wave of nostalgia overpowers him.

Check out some photos of the reunion below.