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How to Configure Your McLaren GT

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This one is truly a game-changer. We’ve seen every configurator since Al Gore invented the internet, and nothing compares to what you are about to see. So, without further adieu, here is how to configure your McLaren GT. Their latest car is offered in three flavors: Standard, Pioneer, and Luxe. It is hard to believe, but standard comes with manual seats and steering column. Needless to say, NOPE.

Pioneer trim considers Alcantara an upgrade, and it comes with power heated seats along with ambient lighting. I like hides and I can not lie, so the Luxe package has Softgrain Aniline leather everywhere, and adds machined aluminum accents in all the right places.

Next up are two styles of wheels, a classic silver 5-spoke, or the stunning 15 spoke. We chose the latter with a diamond-cut/gloss black finish. After that was the carbon fiber exterior pack (how should that be optional). Now its on to the glass. the twin roof panels and the rear pillars can be clear, tinted or electrochromatic. The third is an MSO option, and it gives you the choice of clear or dark at an instant.

If you are wondering about the paint, Burton Blue is an MSO color that really highlights the curves in the body. McLaren offers no less than 30 paint choices, or MSO can match any sample you send them.

On the inside, the Luxe Interior offers several solid colors and combinations. We chose Porcelain & Ink Blue. Sandstone carpet was a tough decision, but it will look great with the sun coming through the roof. Also, don’t buy a McLaren without the carbon fiber interior, they really know how to do it right.

Finally, you need the optional fitted luggage. It is designed to compliment your lifestyle and fully utilize the front and rear cargo areas.

Only so much can be anticipated over the internet, so that’s why our dealers are the best resource to spec your car. Click the link below to find a dealer near you, and stay with us for all your McLaren news.


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