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How Ferraris are Made by Robots

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In Maranello, the same city where Enzo Ferrari started the iconic automaker, Ferrari has employed a team of robots and craftsmen to create their supercars. In a new video from WIRED UK, we get to take a look inside the factory and see just how the vehicles are made. During the course of the video, we see how a Ferrari 488 GTB is made. That includes the creation of its engine, paint application, assembly, testing and so much more.

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It’s interesting to see just how precise and careful the robots are, and how the craftsmen work hand-in-hand with them. I’ll have to say some of the coolest pieces of tech in their factory are the eight autonomous vehicles that carry powertrains and the cockpit of the cars from point A to point B.

Click “play” on the video below to see how Ferrari’s are made.