Hertz Announces Supercar Rental Program

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For most people, owning a supercar seems like an overly ambitious dream. However, Exotic and supercar rental companies have created a market all their own, with new companies adding to the list yearly. Although for the most part these are names customers may not be familiar with. How nice would it be to choose a supercar rental company whose name you can already trust? Thanks to Hertz, now you can. They have just announced their new, one day, supercar rental program.

Hertz has certainly established themselves within the field of car rentals; they’ve now decided to try their hand at the luxury end of this market. With prices starting at $395 for a Porsche Boxster they will certainly be able to compete with the big names in the supercar rental industry. A price increase is to be expected when one starts mentioning names like Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Bentley, but for most car enthusiasts it’s a small price to pay for the experience that comes with renting one of these beauties. If Ferraris aren’t your thing then you can rent and Audi R8 for $1,000 instead of the standard $1,500 price tag that comes standard with the Italian brands. Hertz plans to launch this new program within 35 US markets starting with Los Angeles, San Diego, and Las Vegas. Hertz may not have brought this service to your city yet, but the experience they’re offering is certainly road trip worthy.

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