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217 MPH in the Hennessey Performance Exorcist Camaro

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Ok Firebird friends and Camaro comrades, how fast have you been in your car? If you are like us, we always obey the speed limits because our government has our safety as its top priority. But if you find yourself being attacked by Demons, sometimes you need to leave as fast as possible. That is why John Hennessey and his team have taken the Camaro ZL1 beyond what anyone thought possible.

How To Build An Exorcist Camaro

The Exorcist is the culmination of countless dyno runs and a host of upgrades. We’ve shown you the build process and there is no doubt the car delivers 1,000 horsepower. It starts with a teardown of the top end and tossing the original camshaft in the scrap metal bin. The heads are CNC ported and topped by fuel injectors that rival Niagra falls. The crowning achievement is a giant supercharger that has more displacement than your car’s engine.

Late model Camaros are as aerodynamic as a brick, ask me how I know. So it shocking to learn the Exorcist is faster than the Corvette ZR1. But the press release earlier today also reminds us that this wild Camaro is capable of outrunning a McLaren 720S, Porsche GT2 RS, Ferrari 812 Superfast, Lamborghini Huracan, every police interceptor, and every car at the Daytona 500. To achieve this top speed, the team from HPE headed from their base just west of Houston to Continental Tire’s proving grounds in Uvalde. This massive track west of San Antonio is the same place they pushed the HPE750 Mustang past 200 mph on a 2015 episode of Jay Leno’s Garage.

John Heinricy Delivers Hennessey ZL1 1LE Exorcist Camaro

Instead of a manual transmission, this car was ordered with the bulletproof 10-speed automatic that was co-developed by GM & Ford. It offers a wider gear ratio spread than the stick shift, and each shift only drops a few hundred RPM. So with full boost available at almost any situation, the V-Box telemetry recorded 217 mph in 9th gear. To make it even more unbelievable, the run was performed on stock wheels & tires in lieu of Hennessey’s optional upgrade package.

  • Camaro Top Speed (3)
  • Camaro Top Speed (4)
  • Camaro Top Speed (5)
  • Camaro Top Speed (6)
  • Camaro Top Speed (7)
  • Camaro Top Speed (8)
  • Camaro Top Speed (9)
  • Camaro Top Speed (10)
  • Camaro Top Speed (11)
  • Camaro Top Speed (12)
  • Camaro Top Speed (13)
  • Camaro Top Speed (14)
  • Camaro Top Speed (15)
  • Camaro Top Speed (16)

We don’t know if the car was limited by the differential gear ratio or by aerodynamics so it would be neat to swap in a set of vintage 2.14 gears and tape up the front end for a land speed record. For $119,950 you will have a car that can cross texas faster than a tornado and keep any Demon far behind you. So click the link below for more information and stay with us for all your Hennessey Performance Engineering updates.

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