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Hennessey’s 1,000 HP Corvette Sounds Vicious On The Dyno

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We don’t know how John Hennessey was able to fit a 4″ stroker crankshaft into Chevrolet’s latest small block V8, but he did it. It’s only one of the aspects of a new package that transforms the mundane 640 hp Corvette Z06 into the HPE 1000. As the basis for the kit, the new crankshaft takes the engine’s displacement from 6.2L to 6.8L. This might not seem like much, but it unlocks the potential for much additional power.


Longer throws on the crank along with 6.125 billet connecting rods make the pistons spend more time at TDC, or Top Dead Center in the combustion chamber. If your piston spends more time up where the action happens, why not force in more air and fuel while you’re at it? A new supercharger and intercoolers feed the 10:1 forged rotating assembly. Stainless steel 1.75″ headers feed into dual 3″ exhaust with emissions legal converters. The end result is 1,008 horsepower and 823 lb-ft of torque….with a one year/12,000 mile warranty.

Over a year of development and many late nights have resulted in a Z06 capable of consistent mid 9 second quarter mile times at 147 mph, 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds, and a top speed over 220 mph. Many journalists have made light of the Z06 reducing engine power at higher temperatures, so Hennessey’s cooling system was validated by relentless summer testing in Texas.

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