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Harley-Davidson GMC Sierra Unveiled at Barrett-Jackson

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As you are making your way to the main arena, you will notice something unique and gorgeous in our booth. Our friends at Tuscany Motor Company have partnered with the legendary American motorcycle manufacturer to build a stylish truck. We gave you a sneak peek last week, and now it is in the open, as the Harley-Davidson GMC Sierra was unveiled in our booth at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale.

Usually, when we unveil a car, it is easy to keep under wraps. But when we first covered this collaboration it was picked up by all major automotive sites and even Fox News. No detail was overlooked, as Harley-Davidson logos can be found on the wheels, doors, leather, and even the laser-cut grille.

The 6.2L V8 shares many details with the upcoming C8 Corvette, and the functional ram air hood was made tall enough to house a supercharger. The 22″ wheels are inspired by the classic “Fat Boy”, and the suspension is a collaboration between BDS and Fox Racing. Only 250 examples will be produced, so click the link below to order yours!