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Hamann Motorsport Unveils Upgrades for BMW M2

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If you need something new for your potent BMW M2, if stock power is leaving you blue, then follow along as we sing you a song of carbon and boost pressure too. Hamann Motorsport has developed an entire accessory line for the BMW M2, and it looks as if the sun visors are the only parts they left in original form. By reverse engineering the body and engine, power has been increased and carbon fiber has infiltrated almost every surface. New front and rear diffusers work with spoilers along the rocker panels to control the air along the lower body. The trunk-mounted rear spoiler is available in carbon or body color and it has small winglets to reduce turbulence behind the car.

To improve suspension response and along with appearance, Hamann has commissioned new 20″ wheels in a forged one-piece design. Offered in silver or black, the staggered sets are 8.5″ wide on the front and 10″ for the rear. An optional set of lowering springs have progressive coils to remove 20mm of ride height. More grip demands more power, so a new ignition control module piggybacks between the engine and its computer to raise horsepower to 420 and torque to 390 lb-ft. A comprehensive exhaust package includes a new down pipe with high flow cats and a free-flowing muffler. Hamann is so proud of their efforts that insurance on the parts is available as part of the package. Capable of reaching 62 mph in 4.2 seconds, a Hamann equipped M2 will walk away from an E39 M5 without breaking a sweat.

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