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Gordon Murray Hints at his new T.50 Supercar

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Did you think he would really retire? One of the greatest automotive designers is poised to deliver something wild. In the latest press release from Cosworth, Gordon Murray Automotive hints at their T.50. After a long career designing Formula 1 cars and the iconic McLaren F1, Mr. Murray is ready to shock the world.

Gordon Murray Design was announced in late 2017, and it has spawned Gordon Murray Automotive. Their T.50 is a culmination of his 50+ years building amazing cars, and it incorporates a 15″ fan under the body to keep it sucked to the ground. This was the same principle he pioneered for Brabham’s F1 cars in the 1960’s.

As a true successor to the McLaren F1, it will have the same 3-seat cockpit and a mid-mounted V12. What sets it apart from every other supercar is that the 3.9L Cosworth engine will rev to 12,100 rpm. With a target weight under 1,000 kg (2,204 lbs) and a manual transmission, this car will be a potent performer.

He is quoted in the press release saying: “I have absolutely no interest in chasing records for top speed or acceleration. Our focus is instead on delivering the purest, most rewarding driving experience of any supercar ever built – but, rest assured, it will be quick.” Only 100 examples will be built, each with a starting price of £2 million ($2.544 Million Dollars). Who else is excited to hear the highest-revving production car of all time? Stay with us as for all your T.50 news, and tell us what you think of it in the comments below.


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