Gentlemen’s Best 2014 Exclusive Digital Edition

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Living the duPont REGISTRY lifestyle doesn’t end after getting out of the car. Just as the name appears on a variety of magazines, there are myriad components critical to truly and fully leading a luxurious life. The Second Annual Gentlemen’s Best provides one of the most comprehensive collections of today’s finest cars, electronics, watches, clothing and much more.

This guide features a wide selection of luxurious goods, including selections from the Ferrari California T, to Ulysse Nardin’sRoyal Blue Tourbillon Haute Joaillerie, the Boulder 2160 Amplifier and more. Watch selections from some of the world’s most prestigious watchmakers are featured, as well as top tier home audio equipment, fashion and more. In addition, it further diversifies the content that the duPont REGISTRY provides for its readers, while still maintaining a focus on the shopping experience.




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