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G-CODE Eclipse: The Ultimate Concealed Holster

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Presented by G-Code Tactical Holsters

Would you put a generic car cover on your prized ride? If only the best will do, choose the one that fits like a glove. G-Code has been in the holster business for 20 years, which is how they have developed the ultimate in concealed carry. They began as a supplier to the Armed Forces & Law Enforcement, but now we can experience their innovations for everyday carry. The latest in the INCOG holster lineup is the Eclipse. As a revolution in the world of  IWB (In Waist Band) holsters, it arrives with several adjustable & customizable features.

First off, the clip mounting point is offered in 3 or 4-hole designs for different depth. The adapter has six holes that offer a variety of bolt patterns to the clip. Not only does it have 3 vertical alignments, the slotted holes on the clip allow for canted angles.Shirt guards are offered in full, half, and RMR cut for high-mounted optics. The top screw controls the tension of the holster to your weapon, and it allows you to set it to your liking.

The Super MoJo adapter is patent-pending, and it holds the clip in a correct orientation in a straight draw, or reverse it for cross-draw. The mounting clip itself is angled a few degrees inward to keep the holster close to your body. This allows for lightning fast presentations, even from deep cover.
My usual carry piece is an officer’s model 1911. Most holster manufacturers build generic 1911 examples, but this one-size-fits-all mentality is the result of mass-production, and they are nothing but dangerous. In my case, a normal 1911 holster won’t be secure because of the small frame, and that’s why G-Code has molds for over 55 weapons. Almost every possible version of Glock, Sig, Springfield, and 1911 are guaranteed to hold securely in place- No Rattles!

The inner lining is Kydex, which will not scratch or mar the finish of your piece. Lefty shooters are just as welcomed, as the entire design can be mirror imaged for southpaws. The holster itself is offered in 6 colors, with 15 choices of powder-coated colors for the adapter. The Eclipse will last you for years, so why not order it exactly to your liking?  G-Code also has a full line of mag carriers & CC accessories. Their stack belts and chest rigs offer convenience and durability, plus they make a fashion statement at the range. Your safety is worth more than $75, so contact G-Code for an Eclipse of your own. G-Code holsters are made to order in Jacksonville, North Carolina. They carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty, so if it fails for ANY reason, a replacement will be free of charge. If you want the ultimate in concealed carry, click the link below for more details.

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