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Ford Teases New Bronco & Mustang GT500

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Our test vehicle for the week is a new Mustang GT 500, and it’s safe to say Ford is gearing up for something big if this car’s exhaust is any proof. In a press release earlier today, we see a shadow of the new “off-road small utility” that is undoubtedly the return of the 2020 Bronco. Now that we have your attention, they have made known their intentions to revamp 75% of their lineup by 2020.

We know what you are thinking. The last time they made such claims, we were rewarded with winners like the Probe and the Escort, but fear not. Ford in 2020 will dive deep into hybrid drivetrains, with a majority of vehicles being connected to their Transportation Mobility Cloud. This system allows for software updates and diagnostics on the go, communicating through LTE data networks. Six battery-powered vehicles are in the works for a planned launch by 2022.

Also announced is Ford Co-Pilot 360, which combines active braking, blind spot monitoring, and other safety systems together. Product development and organization within Dearborn has been streamlined in order to build what customers want, not what they need. This was needed to shorten the time between sketch to the showroom. This helps the lineup stay current and it makes the process more efficient. The goal is to drop the age of products offered from 5.7 to 3.3 years. This harkens back to when the big automakers would change their most popular models each year to keep demand at its peak.

Successes with the F-150 have helped Ford gain 1.3% in the pickup truck wars. This allows them to boast that profitability is on-par with Nike, Facebook, and Coca-Cola. The Raptor will see a slight refresh, and a new 3.0 liter Powerstroke diesel will be available across the board.

Thanks to the resurgence of the SUV, Ford is shifting $7 Billion from cars to utility vehicles. The new Expedition is all aluminum and powered by the EcoBoost V6. The same engine will be found in the sporty versions of the Edge ST and the Explorer ST later this year.

Not to leave the big trucks out, Ford is also extending the same autonomous braking, 4G LTE and lane departure warning systems on all heavy-duty trucks including the F-750 and the F59 chassis. Although not mentioned in the text, we also see a glimpse of the new Mustang GT500. A source that wants to remain unnamed tells us it will be the combination of the GT350‘s flat-plane V8 along with a giant supercharger. Tell us what your most anticipated Ford is in the comments below, and stay with us for all your Blue Oval news.

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