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Ford Is Planning to Re-Open GT Applications

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One of the best ways to sell a car is to tell someone they can’t have it. That bit of genius was relayed to me from one of our clients who has a keen sense of what a true buyer is willing to do. Just like Ferrari did with the Enzo and the LaFerrari, you can’t simply walk into a Ford Dealer and order your Ford GT. The application process for the first batch of 750 cars involved videos, a background check, and other research done by Dearborn.

Accepted for a 2017 Ford GT, Including Options

This was done to make sure the buyer would be a good brand ambassador for the Blue Oval’s supercar. Nevertheless, over 6,000 people applied to be one of the chosen. And it looks like they will have a chance to try again, as reported by MotorAuthority. It might seem silly to make us do it all over again, but it levels the playing field for those looking to spend $450,000.

It might be pure speculation, but a new Heritage Edition might be the reasoning behind it. The 2017 example was black, 2018 was red, so the 2019 car will likely revive the Gulf racing blue and orange livery. Given the car’s incredible performance on the world stage, we wonder who will be accepted this time around. Tell us what you think of the Ford GT, or find a great deal on a pre-owned one in the link below.

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